Tour Starts Today – Big Thanks To All

The Screaming Jets - "Atomic 47" - 2014 - Celebrating 25 Years Of Aussie Rock'n'Roll Mayhem

This week is very special to the band because today marks the start of the new “Atomic 47” tour to celebrate 25 Years Of Aussie Rock’n’Roll Mayhem.

Kicking off tonight in Darwin, the tour will run around the country over a few months with fans getting to soak it all up while they have a fair few “responsible” drinks to join in the festive vibe.

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It’s been a f#%&in’ truck load of fun and me and Paully and the blokes wanna’ thank everyone who has come to the shows, cranked up the albums and helped us on the road since we got underway all those years ago. Cheers!” – Dave Gleeson

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10. October 2014 by jetsmin
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