– They’re Back & They’re Ready To Rock –

The Screaming Jets - They're Back & They're Ready To Rock

It might have been a while but The Screaming Jets haven’t forgotten how to take the bull by the horns and rock right out. Right now, here in 2013, the band are ready to pump up Australian audiences with their triumphant return to the stage.

And why not? After all The Jets have proven time and again that they can bring a crowd of raging weekend rebels right to the pinnacle of a pure rock’n’roll climax.

Adding to the quality of these new upcoming shows is the fact that during the band’s time away from the live scene each of these players have been honing their various skills through individual involvement in an array of other musical projects.

It’s an exciting time for The Screaming Jets and their fans! The boys can’t wait to bring it all back on as they get ready to muster up a whole bag of that energetic stuff which made them so popular with crowds around the world in the first place.

Stay Tuned!

07. October 2013 by jetsmin
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