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The Screaming Jets - 2019


The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Scott Kingman - Guitar

One of the two powerhouse guitarists who play live on stage with the band. Scott Kingman brings in a wealth of experience and a gritty determination that is hard to avoid.

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The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Jimi Hocking - Guitar

Jimi Hocking is the flip side of the pumping dual engined guitar machine that rocks the core of  tha’ Jets. When the band hit the boards there is no escaping that he is top shelf stuff.

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The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Dave Gleeson - Vocals

A born entertainer and one of Australia’s leading rock vocalists Dave Gleeson never fails to give his all to the very audiences for whom he so loves to perform.

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The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Paul Woseen - Bass

The bass guitar in this outfit just refuses to allow the rhythm and melody to ever drift apart . Paul Woseen is one of a kind. His songs and performance are key to the union of this band.

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The Screaming Jets - 2019 - Cam McGlinchey - Drums

Drumming that lasts to the end and just won’t die! Cameron McGlinchey’s hard hitting rock style is perfectly suited to paying justice to the Jets relentless performances.

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