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The Screaming Jets - 2019 - Acoustic

G’day Rockers, as you all know, the music industry has taken a huge hit with this COVID pandemic.

As Gleeso recently said…’Just like every other band/act/performer in the world, The Jets found ourselves having to cancel our tour as well as recording plans.”

This has it’s complications with regards to not only living day to day for The Jets but as an independent band it’s also impacted on their ability to finance the projects they had planned over the next 12-18 months. The boys still plan to carry on some of these projects with what they have in reserve but that’ll only last for so long.

However, there have been many, many kind fans out there offering to help the boys continue to do what they do.

In response to the many extremely kind offers we have set up a special ’Support The Band’ option up for anyone that wishes to chip in along the way.

No offering is too small and every bit of help is received with much gratitude….

Please Note These Gifts Are Not Tax Deductible