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The Screaming Jets - Sold Out Shows - Tickets Are Rare

Proving beyond a doubt that The Screaming Jets own unique brand of rock’n’roll entertainment is of an international world wide standard is this advertisment spotted in a local Adelaide newspaper during the week. Someone is offering $150.00 each for two Justin Bieber tickets and right below that someone is offering exactly the same amount for two tickets to this week’s show at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.

Now, it takes millions of dollars to push forward the hype filled campaign of Bieber’s singing career and yet, with just their bare hands, The Screaming Jets also manage to sell out shows where tickets are then sought on the open market for just as much money as those of the Canadian pop star.

However, be warned, there’s some prime differences between the two events. When enjoying The Screaming Jets you’ll end up close enough to actually see the band you’re watching, you’ll be able to get on the piss and rock out without being asked to stay in your seat and there’s every chance you’ll have a f%#kin’ great time.

29. November 2013 by jetsmin
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