Real Deal Tour Wrap – A Rave From Dave

The Screaming Jets - Backstage On The Last Night Of Their 2013 "Real Deal Tour"

“Well that was f@#kin awesome. I don’t know where to start…

Firstly let me say how stoked we all were to see just about every single gig on our 2013 Real Deal Tour packed to the rafters. Obviously after so long off the road, there was a little trepidation within the group as to whether we could fill those rooms. Well within just a couple of weeks of ticket sales we knew that wasn’t going to be a problem.

So, our next concern was whether we could still rock as a unit… 10 minutes in a rehearsal room put those worries to bed, and the amazing thing was, that with each passing gig, we could feel how much better we were getting, Vibing on the songs we hadn’t played together for so long, as well as getting waves of  vibe from you guys watching was at times overpowering, and after every gig we were more and more stoked at the direction the shows were going.

Some highlights of the tour would have to be filming the Metro Theatre show in Sydney to a packed house, this will be aired on MAX later this year as well as released as a stand alone concert. I recently saw the dvd and it blew me away…. How good are these guys…I talk of course of Paully, Jimi, Scotty and Mickl, seriously, this band of freaks generate a sound powerful enough to turn goat’s piss into gasoline.

What about selling out such iconic venues such as The Corner Hotel at Richmond and The Gov in Adelaide. Unbelievable. And then to finish off with three shows in a row at The Cambridge in Newy that went f@#kin great. Well they call that serendipity… I think.

On to 2014, we have hit the ground running!

The new album for The Screaming Jets is begun, and we are gearing up to celebrate 25 years of balls out rock n roll in the back half of this year.

So don’t cool your Jets just yet..”

21. January 2014 by jetsmin
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