“Real Deal” Show – Coming Soon To Max TV

The Screaming Jets - Real Deal Show - Coming Soon To Max TV - Wed 15th October - 2014

Next week Music Max TV will be broadcasting the long awaited live footage of last year’s Real Deal Tour performance from The Metro Theatre in Sydney.

Filmed at the gig in November 2013 this footage represents what heaps of fans described as “…one of tha’ Jets most f#$@in’ awesome shows!

The recording by Max TV couldn’t have been on a better night, there was a certain electric energy in the air and the band’s delivery was spot on from beginning to end.

The broadcast goes to air on Max TV at 9pm on Wed 15th October 2014

This is one you don’t wanna’ miss!

Get revved up before the “Atomic 47” tour starts this week

08. October 2014 by jetsmin
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