The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Paul Woseen - Bass

– Paul Woseen –

One of the founding members of the band, Paul is the kind of bloke who always lives his music on a 24-7-365 basis. It’s like this is all he’s cared about since he first started playing with his band The Z Cars at the age of 14.

Paul and Dave were together for a short time in the early Newcastle band Aspect. After that group folded, they then formed a new line up which went on to become The Screaming Jets and the rest, as they say, is history.

A strong grounding in blues and sixties power pop has trademarked Paul as a meticulous bass player who can range his delivery from sensitive through to full on aggression still with room left over to give to the audience night after night.

His prolific songwriting has made him, since day one, the backbone of a wide landscape that runs through the band’s lyrical content as it is served up through a clever union of verses and hooks that speak to us all.

The kind of musician who lives, breathes, eats & shits rock’n’roll!


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