New Live EP – ‘Noise Collection’

The Screaming Jets - 'Noise Collection' - New Live EP - 2017

The band are f$#kin’ stoked that their new live EP ‘Noise Collection‘ will be launched ready for sale on the upcoming ‘Chrome-O-Zone‘ tour. This live release captures showman Dave Gleeson’s unique stage banter and vocal passion alongside the band’s incredible live prowess and it includes a taste of the audience enthusiasm in the tracks chosen from select performances over the last two years.

Here’s a sneak peek of the artwork and track listing the boys have put together for the fans. Featuring ‘Automatic Cowboy‘, ‘Shine On‘, ‘Razor‘, ‘Cash In Your Ticket‘, and a great rendition of the Johnny Cash song ‘Folsom Prison Blues‘, the new EP ‘Noise Collection‘ is initially available at the live shows in Feb and Mar and is a celebration of a memorable recent period in the checkered rock’n’roll history of The Screaming Jets.

Mixed by their old mate Steve James there’s no doubt that this Grammy Nominated Producer will bring forth to your eager ears every possible ounce of rock’n’roll realism …actually sort of like being there only without the sweat and the beers!

23. January 2017 by jetsmin
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