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The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Mickl Sayers - Drums

– Mickl Sayers –

Playing drums in a band like The Screaming Jets is not a job for a lightweight. When their music winds right up to its heady heights of rock’n’roll craziness you need to be able to play like you’re firing mortar shells from a tree line.

Before joining the band during 2005 MiklThe SlayerSayers was the founder and co-songwriter of a Sydney hard core band where he had become well known for his progressive musicianship as well as his powerful delivery and precision timing. Just the sort of thing The Screaming Jets wanted at the time.

In fact, to put it bluntly, Mickl is the kind of drummer you want in any hard rockin’ outfit. So when Dave & Paul saw him playing in a band competition they were judging they decided in true Jets fashion to tackle the situation head on. Without further ado they made immediate plans to hijack his services.

When you hear him play drums you’ll know why they call him “The Slayer”.

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