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The Screaming Jets - 2013 - Jimi Hocking - Guitar

– Jimi Hocking –

Often referred to as “The Human” there is a widely successful trail of blues and rock history that stands behind this man. It is one that has seen him play as a guitarist in The Screaming Jets not once, but two times over.

When you’ve got someone who finished playing for a band, and then got asked back again, you know there’s something special goin’ on. Even while Jimi was pursuing other achievements within music, such as winning an International Blues Challenge in Memphis, his great friendship with Dave Gleeson saw him still find time to produce the singers own solo album Wanted Man.

The style of playing offered up by “The Human” is often attributed as the counter-balance that rounds out the band’s musical wholeness. This is easily evident from his lead guitar, keyboard and mandolin contributions on a variety of the hit singles & EP’s brought forth by The Screaming Jets.

Jimi “The Human” Hocking – Stoked to be back rocking out with the Jets.

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