Helping (Washed) Hand – ISO 2020 Mix

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the what feels like the complete suspension of the local music industry, the boys have bought one of their most successful and signature tunes back to life in the ‘Helping (Washed) Hand – ISO 2020’ mix.

Singer Dave Gleeson says… “It seemed an apt song to do. Just like every other band/act/performer in the world, The Jets found ourselves having to cancel our tour as well as recording plans… 5 blokes, 6 cameras and the perfect song to express the current state of our industry…

Helping (Washed) Hand – ISO 2020’ is hopefully the first up in a series of ‘Quarantine’ re-recordings planned by the Jets and legendary producer Steve James, who has worked with the band since the first album release in 1991

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05. May 2020 by jetsmin
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