Darwin Down – TV Shows – NSW Next

The Screaming Jets - Performing At "One Tropical Day" - Darwin - 10th Oct 2014

So, the new “Atomic 47″ tour is now underway for The Screaming Jets to celebrate 25 Years Of Aussie Rock’n’Roll Mayem.

This pic from Darwin last week shows just what the band get to enjoy when thousands of fans come to rock out. It gives you a look at your part in what makes the whole thing a great big ball of  fun – the more you give, the more you get back!

The band are gonna’ be on the TV over the next couple of days too. Wed 15th at 9pm there’s the much anticipated Music Max broadcast from the very pumped up show at The Metro in Sydney last November. Then on Thursday morning after 9am the band will be on The Morning Show on Channel 7 for some good live action.

This rolls the tour into week #2 where the band will hit Armidale & Laurieton in NSW for the next leg of “Atomic 47“.

There’s still some tickets left but you wanna’ be quick!

Click Here To Visit The Tour Page For More Info.

14. October 2014 by jetsmin
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