‘Chrome’ Stuff – Ready For Pre-Order Now

The Screaming Jets - Pre-Order 'Chrome' DVD Studio Sessions - CD - Downloads

Right Now You Can Pre-Order The New ‘Chrome’ Stuff

Fans of The Screaming Jets can choose any or all these fine rock items.

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Limited Edition Signed Copy of the CD from JB Hi-Fi

 DVD of the Live Studio Sessions from the Nerve Gas Shop

Digital Album Download With Bonus Track from iTunes

CD/DVD Bundle from the Nerve Gas Shop

– It’s All Just Around The Corner –

Thanks to the good people at local record label ‘Dinner For Wolves’ the band are f%#kin’ excited to be right ready to release ‘Chrome‘ as their first studio album in seven years.

It’s gonna’ be a brand new chapter in what has always been an awesome part of the Australian music scene.

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Check for tickets and venues on ‘The Chrome Tour’

15. April 2016 by jetsmin
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