‘Chrome’ – Hot Metal’s #1 Album For 2016

The Screaming Jets - Chrome - 2016 - Album & Tour

Check Out What This Popular On Line Music Mag Says About “Chrome” As They Rate It Their #1 Album For 2016

In the 1980s, Cold Chisel were considered merely a loud pub rock act. Now they are canonised as great antipodean poets. It’s to be hoped The Screaming Jets will attain the same ascension one day – Paul Woseen’s writing on ‘Chrome‘ is wry, knowing and eloquent. In a year of patchy LPs, ‘Chrome‘ is consistently outstanding across its 11 tracks, offering blues-based hard rock and borderline metal with conscience and heart. Our highlights include “Smack In The Mouth” and “Razor”. “No Place No Home” addresses the growing issue of homelessness, “Sex and Violence” touches on abuse and addiction. The Screaming Jets are a national treasure Australians should treasure more.

09. January 2017 by jetsmin
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