Audience Members Get “Cornered”

The Screaming Jets - Corner Hotel - 9th Nov 2013

Last weekend saw two rock hard gigs go down with Melbourne’s rather famous Corner Hotel being packed into a full house of sweaty rock lovin’ humans for an excellent Saturday night of high volume, good drinkin’ fun.

The shows on the tour so far have all been an unreal experience and now Dave has just sent along this message as part of his new experience with being quoted live in the 21st century world of the inter-google and f*%*ing facebook.

It’s awesome to see so many familiar faces, as well as plenty of new faces, coming to experience The Jets for the first time, and the joy on everyone’s faces as we sing and dedicate one of our favourite songs to another big fat …… well let’s just call him a recently elected member of the PUP” – Dave Gleeson

You can read more stuff from Dave by visiting the newly launched official facebook page for The Screaming Jets. It’s easy, just click right here!

11. November 2013 by jetsmin
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