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The screaming Jets - Listen In - Hear The Songs

Right from day one the music played by The Screaming Jets has had its own special way of creeping into the psyche of the listener. In the ear, through the brain and then right out the bottom of the legs in a sway of rocked up motion.

With their unique originals and classic cover versions it’s no wonder that the band have racked up a string of radio singles and a whole host of worldwide airplay.

As the boys move into the new 2013 “Real Deal” tour you can be sure that the songs pumping out of the speakers will be ones you get off on! It’s a dead set winner.

Click Here to listen to some bits and pieces from heaps of the band’s famous stable of live and studio albums, bet you’ll know them when you hear them comin’ at ya!

06. October 2013 by jetsmin
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