‘Bitter Pill’ EP – Out Now

Come on a journey with Dave, Paul, Scotty, Jimi & Cam as they show the videos and tell the stories behind the inspiration of the making of The Screaming Jets newly released 5 track EP ‘Bitter Pill

Housing new versions of ‘Helping Hand‘, ‘Shivers‘, ‘October Grey‘, ‘Sad Song‘ & ‘Friend of Mine‘… all recorded individually from their homes during the COvid 19 lockdowns and brilliantly produced, as always, by long time producer & collaborator Steve James.

A bunch of songs that are not only favourites of the band but songs that have been resonating with fans for over 30 years… Every Jets fan has their own story to tell about their relationship with each of these songs.

Go with the band as they give you an introduction to the new versions of these classic songs, a nostalgic trip behind the original songs,  the making of the new videos(masterminded by Scott Kingman) and the stories behind how The Screaming Jets came to make ‘Bitter Pill‘ in the middle of the COvid 19 pandemic.

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12th October 2020

‘Bitter Pill’ 2020 – New EP – Out Oct 9th

The Screaming Jets - 'Bitter Pill' 2020 - New EP - Front Cover

In music, as in life, there are tough times that either kill you or make you stronger. The toughest of times can be a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow that pill we must. Might as well wash it down with as much piss as is humanly possible and have a big ol’ time in the process…

Dave Gleeson – Sept 2020

All it took was literally 1000’s of live shows, countless bottles of Jack, untold hours in the van and a pandemic.. but here we are, five rock songs ‘Helping Hand, ‘Shivers‘, ‘October Grey‘, ‘Sad Song‘ & ‘Friend of Mine‘ …all sporting a respectful but new ‘paint-job’ for 2020….

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Out On Digital – October 9th

22nd September 2020

Generous Fans Ask To Support Jets

The Screaming Jets - Logo

The boys have been blown away by the number of fans who have asked if they can Support The Band with a small contribution during the COVID crisis that is hitting the entertainment industry so hard.

In response we’ve set up up a quick way to chip in during this period.

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25th May 2020

Helping (Washed) Hand – ISO 2020 Mix

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the what feels like the complete suspension of the local music industry, the boys have bought one of their most successful and signature tunes back to life in the ‘Helping (Washed) Hand – ISO 2020’ mix.

Singer Dave Gleeson says… “It seemed an apt song to do. Just like every other band/act/performer in the world, The Jets found ourselves having to cancel our tour as well as recording plans… 5 blokes, 6 cameras and the perfect song to express the current state of our industry…

Helping (Washed) Hand – ISO 2020’ is hopefully the first up in a series of ‘Quarantine’ re-recordings planned by the Jets and legendary producer Steve James, who has worked with the band since the first album release in 1991

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5th May 2020

Gleeso & Crafty – Free Sunday Streaming

Dave Gleeson & Crafty Streaming Live Every Sunday During Covid - Poster

During these crazy, crazy times Gleeso has been putting on a free live streaming show with his good mate Crafty every weekend.

#StreamingNotScreaming bursts onto your internet every S‌unday at 3:0‌0p‌m Ce‌ntral time and 3:3‌0p‌m Eas‌tern time.

You can find it on Dave’s Official Facebook Page.

It’s Good Rockin’ Beer Drinking Fun At The End Of The Weekend. 

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▼▼ Plus ▼▼

Official Isolation Merchandise – #isowear

Stop Press!!!
Order Deadline Extended To 26th May

Dave Gleeson & Crafty - Official Isolation Wear - Image

To celebrate Dave’s blistering move into the fast paced internet world of the twenty-first century, you can now pre-order some you-beaut #streamingnotscreaming wearables and drink thingies but it’s only for a strictly limited time.

There’s Only Two Weeks To Act – Orders Close On Tue 19t‌h M‌ay

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Hoodies – Trackies – Stubbie Holders – Beanies

5th May 2020