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The Screaming Jets - 'Chrome' - Reviews

Since the band released ‘Chrome‘ on May 6th the response to the album and the tour has been overwhelming with fans and the media heaping praise on this brand new offering from local label Dinner For Wolves.

The album debuted 1st week in at No. 30 on The Mainstream Album Charts, No. 10 on The Australian Artist Album Charts and notably an extremely satisfying position of No. 2 on The Independent Music Charts.

Check out some of the reviews including Rolling Stone Australia giving ‘Chrome‘ three and a half stars out of a possible four stars. Read them here…

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The Music – ‘Chrome’ Album Review

Event Adelaide – ‘The Gov’ May 2016

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20th May 2016

‘Chrome’ – Stoked About Charts – Thanks To All

The Screaming Jets - 'Chrome' Album Charts First Week In

The Screaming Jets are f%^kin’ stoked with the chart entry positions for ‘Chrome‘ and wanna’ give a big thanks to their fans and all those behind the scenes people who made it possible.

The album debuted at No. 30 in the Mainstream Charts, and came in at No. 10 in the Australian Artist Album Charts! This is a fully awesome result and the band’s highest chart entry position since ‘Scam‘ in 2000 – ‘Chrome‘ is also sitting at No. 20 in the iTunes album charts this week as well! So, to the legion of dedicated followers and fans who ponied up to buy ‘Chrome‘ – we salute you !

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16th May 2016

New Album – ‘Chrome’ – Get It Right Now

New Album 'Chrome' - Now Released - Fri 6th May - 2016

It’s Friday 6th May and the band are f$%in’ pleased to announce that their new studio album ‘Chrome’ has now been released.

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 Thanks to all the Jet’s fans because with your support ‘Chrome’ has already hit #2 on the iTunes Rock Chart on the very first day.

Never Forget – We Love You As Much As You Love Us.

6th May 2016

‘Chrome’ Stuff – Ready For Pre-Order Now

The Screaming Jets - Pre-Order 'Chrome' DVD Studio Sessions - CD - Downloads

Right Now You Can Pre-Order The New ‘Chrome’ Stuff

Fans of The Screaming Jets can choose any or all these fine rock items.

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Thanks to the good people at local record label ‘Dinner For Wolves’ the band are f%#kin’ excited to be right ready to release ‘Chrome‘ as their first studio album in seven years.

It’s gonna’ be a brand new chapter in what has always been an awesome part of the Australian music scene.

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15th April 2016

Chrome – Get Ready ‘Cos Here It Comes

The Screaming Jets - Chrome - 2016 - Album & Tour

The Screaming Jets are proud to announce the very imminent release of their brand new studio album titled Chrome on May 6th. To say the band are f#$kin’ excited about it would be a gross understatement.

The boys have spent the last three years building up Paul Woseen’s musical sketches from bare bones into fully blown songs ready for the new album. This is the band’s first studio release since Do Ya in 2008 – Reaching out to their past collaborator from All For OneTear For Thought legendary producer Steve James said he was wrapped to come on board for this brand new offering.

Dave Gleeson is quick to point out “… it was very exciting how we got to build up the songs with just us five blokes alongside Steve – it really was like getting the old crew back together. We’ve ended up with plenty of different textures and great big fat rock songs as well as some quiet moments.

It was only two years ago the band, once dubbed Australia’s hardest working rock group, celebrated their Silver Anniversary – a quarter of a century of fine rock’n'roll. Now that Chrome has arrived The Screaming Jets can’t wait, once again, to get out on the road and this time around share the new album with their fans.

The Screaming Jets - 2016

Audiences are all well aware that aside from releasing albums which sit firmly alongside the best of what Australian & International music has to offer, The Screaming Jets are also revered as one of the country’s best live bands.

The Chrome Tour begins on Saturday 7th May and travels into select venues across Australia. Tickets for this heavily anticipated tour are on sale right now and with the shows coinciding with the release of the album the audience demand is already building at an extremely rapid pace.

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The Screaming Jets - 2016 - Chrome Tour - Special Guests "Massive"

23rd March 2016