New 2015 Tour Dates

The Screaming Jets - New Tour Dates For 2015

- Rock’n'Roll Rampage -

The Screaming Jets are proud to offer a whole new batch of tour dates for 2015.

Last year was stacks of fun with heaps of fans loving the triumphant return of FRC.

Grab your tickets quick before they disappear like donuts at a hippie picnic.

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13th May 2015

Dave Stops The Presses – End Of Tour Rave

The Screaming Jets - 2014 - Scotty, Dave & Mickl - Jimi & Paul


The ‘ATOMIC 47‘ 25th Anniversary Tour for Australian band The Screaming Jets was a smashing success. Reports that attest to the greatness of this Aussie rock group are flooding in from around the country.

Phat as Phuck” screamed the banner headlines across the nation, all the way from the NT ( Northern Testicle) Times through to the Cowra University News Tribune, the verdict was unanimous – “… this bunch of bedraggled troubadour style ragamuffins, with their outlandish ways and even more outlandish musical stylings, really have a rather extraordinary way of entertaining their legions of salivating fans. A huge huzzah to each of them.”

… we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Now, the reason I am writing this little wrap up well over a month after the last riff of the tour was fired in anger is something I am sure many of you long term Jets fans are patently aware of …Gleeso is a f*&$in’ slack arse and would rather be hunted by Glen McGrath than interact with a keyboard (computer or otherwise). Having said that, I have also been a little busy with other shit, anyway, here goes…..

So many highlights from a tour that seemed to flash by so quick. It was great to have the band absolutely firing on all 12, yes 12, cylinders. Every show that we did just affirmed my faith in the band and was a true indication of what great Aussie rock is all about. It was a real treat, not just for us but the fans as well, that Izzy was able to fill in for a couple of shows. First he filled in for Scotty in Darwin, and then for Jimi in early January which was when Jimi and his beautiful lady were  expecting and ultimately having their lovely little fella. – CONGRATS TO JIMI AND ALANA. ALL THE BLESSINGS OF THE JETS BROTHERHOOD BE UPON YOU.

The Screaming Jets - "Atomic 47" 25th Anniversary Tour

Some absolutely ball tearing gigs during the ‘Atomic 47′ run. The Gov in Adelaide again, what can I say??? We actually recorded that show and it is currently being edited, mixed etshitra, so hold your breath for that one. The big question on everybody’s lips of course is; “Will the Burwood Bowlo on the beaches of Newy, where The Jets played a massive outdoor show, ever be the same?” The short answer is ‘No’. However the bigger question that needs to be asked and answered is “Will the F.R.C’s who live opposite the Burwood Bowlo ever be the same?” Again, the short answer is ‘No’. My dad asked if the police had turned up, as some of his acquaintances  who live in the vicinity had called them to complain about the foul language being screamed into the night air by a couple of thousand rockers …and obviously one in particular who had a very loud microphone in his hand! People of The Bluff would be pleased to know that many members of the constabulary did show up to speak to us, and we were more than happy to pose for photos with all of them no matter their rank – Cops Are Tops“.

Also a big thank you to the guys from Lake Tyers, especially the lovely L, who along with lifelong friends organised a gig at one of the most beautiful Victorian coastal towns imaginable. The rain sucked, but I hope this event becomes a yearly stop on the Australian touring schedule.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a Jets tour without some f&$kups along the way. No album – mostly my fault. (Thousand apologies) Late arrival of the live DVD from the Metro 2013 – my fault. (Thousand apologies) Onstage banter that pushed buttons, pissed people off, made baby Jesus cry – my fault. (No apologies)

We are about to start with the pre prod (muso speak) for the 8th Jets album, you all know the working title, (same as the last 7) but your suggestions for a title, if you submit them to us here, will be dully (correct spelling) noted.

The Screaming Jets





(Photo Components Courtesy Tricia Williams Photography)

25th March 2015

Bonus Gigs For “Atomic 47″ In January

The Screaming Jets - Bonus Gigs For "Atomic 47" - Australia Day Weekend - 2015

As a special bonus to bring down the curtain on their “Atomic 47” 25th Anniversary tour the band will be doing some extra shows at Sydney’s legendary Bridge Hotel on the Australia Day weekend.

It’s gonna’ be up close and sweaty – just the way good rock should be!

Check out the Tour Page on the site for more info.

These tickets are going fast so don’t miss out – Fri 23rd Jan & Sat 24th Jan 2015.

10th December 2014

“Real Deal” DVD Released For Sale

The Screaming Jets - "Real Deal" Tour DVD - Now On Sale
The boys are real excited to announce that the footage from last year’s “Real Deal” show at The Metro in Sydney is now available on DVD straight to you!

Professionally filmed and mixed, and featuring well over a dozen classics from a gig that received rave reviews this one is a must for all fans of The Screaming Jets.

For more purchase info on how to Get Things – Click Here

2nd December 2014

New Human Wear Straight To You

The Screaming Jets - New Official Merchandise On Line Now

To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary Of Aussie Rock’n'Roll Mayhem for The Screaming Jets you can now get hold of their new season human wear direct on line from the Band T-Shirts web site.

The boys are wrapped in the reponse to their current Atomic 47 tour and would like to invite fans to get into this new clothing ready for the next BBQ at a mates place.

Click Here to order yours on line. They’ll send the stuff straight to your front door, it really doesn’t get much easier than that!

21st November 2014