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Thanks to the good people at local record label ‘Dinner For Wolves’ the band are f%#kin’ excited to be right ready to release ‘Chrome‘ as their first studio album in seven years.

It’s gonna’ be a brand new chapter in what has always been an awesome part of the Australian music scene.

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15th April 2016

Chrome – Get Ready ‘Cos Here It Comes

The Screaming Jets - Chrome - 2016 - Album & Tour

The Screaming Jets are proud to announce the very imminent release of their brand new studio album titled Chrome on May 6th. To say the band are f#$kin’ excited about it would be a gross understatement.

The boys have spent the last three years building up Paul Woseen’s musical sketches from bare bones into fully blown songs ready for the new album. This is the band’s first studio release since Do Ya in 2008 – Reaching out to their past collaborator from All For OneTear For Thought legendary producer Steve James said he was wrapped to come on board for this brand new offering.

Dave Gleeson is quick to point out “… it was very exciting how we got to build up the songs with just us five blokes alongside Steve – it really was like getting the old crew back together. We’ve ended up with plenty of different textures and great big fat rock songs as well as some quiet moments.

It was only two years ago the band, once dubbed Australia’s hardest working rock group, celebrated their Silver Anniversary – a quarter of a century of fine rock’n'roll. Now that Chrome has arrived The Screaming Jets can’t wait, once again, to get out on the road and this time around share the new album with their fans.

The Screaming Jets - 2016

Audiences are all well aware that aside from releasing albums which sit firmly alongside the best of what Australian & International music has to offer, The Screaming Jets are also revered as one of the country’s best live bands.

The Chrome Tour begins on Saturday 7th May and travels into select venues across Australia. Tickets for this heavily anticipated tour are on sale right now and with the shows coinciding with the release of the album the audience demand is already building at an extremely rapid pace.

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The Screaming Jets - 2016 - Chrome Tour - Special Guests "Massive"

23rd March 2016

Dave’s Rave – Last Year – This Year

The Screaming Jets - This Year - Last Year - Dave's Rave

ROCK’n'F&#KIN RAGIN’ ROLL. Happy 2016 to all you guys. Hope everyone enjoyed a bit of Christmas and New Year cheer and got to spend some time with those near and dear,that’s sure as shit what I did.

36 shows between October and December seemed like a tough ask but we did it in style with only a couple of fuck ups along the way. The album was obviously the biggest one of those. Unlike last year, when I apologised for not releasing an album during the 2015 anniversary tour, the album is now very much finished… “in the can” as we say in the biz. It’s only the release date that was held up.

On the plus side, we got to preview a bunch of songs straight from Chrome to you guys and that went over awesomely, so, coupled with having a copy of the album by the time this year’s tour rolls around , you’ll be able to scream your f&#kin’ lungs out when we tour in May.

We filmed a show at Foxtel early on during the Rock’n'Roll Rampage and that will be shown in part sometime this year on MAX TV and should also be available as a DVD…. SO a new album and a new DVD out very soon… in 2016, I promise – otherwise you can cover me in honey and chuck me to the lesbians.

Thanks for sticking with us on this one, me and Paul both reckon this album sits right up there with Tear of Thought and we all can’t wait for you guys to hear what Steve James has been able to do with this bunch of songs,primarily written by Paully, so I have no worries in being able to talk up what a great bunch of songs they are, without looking like I’m pumping up my own tyres. Paully has once again proven to me, why I think he writes f&#kin’ great rock songs and is one of the country’s finest.

For anyone who saw the Rock’n'Roll Rampage shows, I’m sure you will agree that the band is absolutely pumping when it comes to our live shows, and that is the same type of intensity we tried to capture on the album. Scotty, Jimi and Mickl along with Paul and me, have been playing live together now for 7 or 8 years ( the longest incarnation of a line up in the history of the Jets ) and it shows. It’s a pleasure every night to play with this band, we always have a laugh and the boys make music so powerful it would turn sheep shit into avgas; even when we have a below average night, we still rock the shit outta the joint….it’s what we do”. Dave Gleeson Esq

Rock along in May to see the Jets play their Chrome tour dates.

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12th March 2016

Jets To Support Rockin’ Rob Riley

Rockin’ Rob Riley – The Screaming Jets – Fri March 4th – 2016

Rockin’ Rob Riley, best known as a guitarist and songwriter for Rose Tattoo, returns to the stage on Fri March 4th at the “Boom Boom Room” with his new self titled act. He’ll be dishing up authentic, loud, passionate Rock’n'Roll and The Screaming Jets are very proud to say they’ve been asked to support this Australian guitar legend.

The venue is upstairs at 141 Currie St Adelaide

You Can Click Here For Tickets

Dave Gleeson is keen to point out “Rockin’ Rob Riley is undoubtably one of Australia’s most legendary guitarists and the ultimate Rock’n'Roll bandit. He is best known for having played in Rose Tattoo where he wrote two of their most loved songs “We Can’t Be Beaten” & “Scarred For Life“. He is also famously one of Slash’ favourite guitarists of all time. Don’t Miss This Very Special Show – Be There & Rock On!

23rd February 2016

New Album “Chrome” Is Coming – Special Launch

The Screaming Jets - New Album "Chrome" Is Coming Soon

The Screaming Jets are ultra-f&^kin’ pleased to announce the imminent release of their eagerly awaited new album “Chrome“.

Building upon decades of world wide success, this new offering promises to maintain the group’s solid reputation for delivering quality albums to their fans while, at the same time, cutting an even deeper groove into the maturity of their rhythm, lyrics and melody.

To celebrate this new milestone, the album will be launched through a unique and exclusive VIP Event for Foxtel’s Max TV on Tuesday 22nd September as a run up to the official release in a few month’s time.

It’ll be a big rock sound in an intimate setting blasting some tracks off our new album as well as a bunch of songs that people know and love – to prove once and for all that The Jets are fucking rock to the core” – Dave Gleeson.

Big congratulations to the 5 newsletter members who received special VIP double passes to attend the exclusive launch.

Stay tuned for more news and upcoming freebies from the band.

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20th September 2015